It's time for BC workers to have job-protected paid sick leave. We can't afford to wait for another outbreak.

The good news is that Premier John Horgan has said he wants to see paid sick leave. And Prime Minister Trudeau recently announced temporary partial support for workers. But there’s more to do. Workers need a permanent plan to make our workplaces healthier and safer in the long run. 

Now it's time to act. Sign our letter, and tell the BC and federal governments you support permanent paid sick leave for all workers. 

Dear Premier Horgan and Prime Minister Trudeau,

Too many sick workers in BC are facing impossible choices. They know they should stay home... but if they don't go to work, their financial security is at risk, and maybe even their job!

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that working sick isn't working. We have a plan to do better. So we're calling on you to:

  1. Require businesses to provide at least 10 days of paid sick leave for workers who contract COVID-19, have to self-isolate, or who need to take care of an ill family member.
  2. For all other illnesses, require businesses to ensure every worker starts with a minimum of 3 days of paid sick leave a year and accrues additional time based on how much they work - one hour of paid sick leave for every 35 hours worked up to 52 hours of additional paid sick leave. So a full time worker would get 10 days of paid sick leave a year.
  3. Fund a rebate program for new and existing businesses impacted by the pandemic to cover up to 75% of paid sick leave costs while they get back on their feet.

We can't wait any longer because this pandemic is far from over. And BC needs strong systems in place so we can weather the storms to come. Paid sick leave is the healthy, safe choice for workers, business and our communities.

Will you sign?
2,214 signatures so far. Help us get to 2,500