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Our plan is simple. Every worker gets at least 3 paid sick days a year. The more hours they work, the more additional sick days they can claim, to a maximum total of 10 days per year, paid by the employer.

During the pandemic, every worker can claim up to 10 days per year of paid sick leave if they come down with COVID-19, if they're required to self-isolate, or if they're caring for a family member who has COVID-19. (Note that if you get COVID-19 because of your job, you should make a WCB claim instead. WCB already covers work-related COVID-19 infection.)

Which workers does this cover? All workers: full-time, part-time, casual and temporary.

Who pays the cost of paid sick leave? Your employer pays the cost, at your full wages or salary.

What about employers who are struggling because of the pandemic? We know a lot of businesses and other employers have been hurt. So we're proposing that the federal and provincial government lend them a hand, with a temporary subsidy of up to 75% of the cost of paid sick leave for struggling businesses until they're back on their feet. New businesses will get help, too.

How quickly do I earn additional paid sick leave beyond the minimum 3 days? You get an extra hour of paid sick leave for every 35 hours you work, up to a maximum of 52 additional hours.

If I use up all my paid sick leave and I'm still too sick to return to work, can I lose my job? We're calling for 16 weeks of job-protected unpaid leave over and above your paid sick leave. That means your job is safe for those 16 weeks.

Want to read our full proposal? Download the PDF here.

Want to help make this happen? Sign our open letter!